Friday, August 14, 2009

Another quilt for a special little girl... daughter! Who turns three tomorrow. I hope she likes it. She can be a fickle little b#$%& sometimes, just like her mother. :)

Not as hugely impressed with the quilting on this one, I should have done wavy lines. 12 blocks each measuring 15"x15" (before sewing) - scrappy floral/girl colours alternated with plain blocks - so slightly bigger even than the last one. I think this is the best size yet.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Another scrappy recycled quilt for a new baby...

...who I know is a BOY this time, thank goodness!

12 squares each measuring 14"x14". All recycled sheeting, cotton batting, the backing is a piece of craft cotton I had sitting in my drawer for about 2 years. Again, I made it slightly bigger than usual so he can use it on his bed hopefully until he's a wee lad. Quilted it using my walking foot, can't really describe the pattern so I've included close-ups!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scrappy Log Cabin for a new baby...

...who hasn't been born yet, so it had to be gender neutral again.

Had lots of fun making this one, used only 100% recycled/reclaimed materials and quilted it with wavy lines using my walking foot. 12 blocks measuring 14" square, so slightly bigger than your average baby quilt - this way, he/she can use it right up until they're 3 or 4.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Squares Quilt

Another quilt I finally finished today after the patchwork sat in my "unfinished" pile for about three months! This is for a friend who is due with her first baby (a boy) at the end of August.

Here are some close-ups of the quilting; just some wavy lines sewn with my walking foot. Still can't face free motion again just yet!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Going back to basics...

I always know when I've made a good quilt.... when I don't want to give it away!!

I wanted to go back to basics and make a really simple quilt just out of plain squares. No HSTs, no sashing, no borders. I picked up a bunch of old sheeting from St Vinnie's so I cut 13" squares out of each. The entire quilt top and back, therefore, is made completely out of recycled materials. Inside is some wool batting I picked up on sale because it had some dirty marks on it (that were so small it wasn't even worth trying to wash out! Bargain!).

The fact that my partner and I have been sitting under this very, very warm snuggly quilt on the couch for the past week sort of says something about my willingness to give it away!! It was supposed to be for a friend of mine who is due with her second baby (a boy) in a couple of months but I still have time to make her something else!!

(If you look closely you can see a few spots were we've accidentally dropped a bit of the chocolate that we have with our cup of tea once the kids are in bed!!)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Couch Quilt

This is a re-design of a couch quilt that I made for my partner about a year and a half ago. The original quilt was a simple patchwork of bright multicoloured squares with the blue stripey fabric as backing.

However, I rushed the quilting and stuffed up the binding, and about a week after I'd finished it - sick of looking at my poor workmanship - I attacked it with a pair of scissors and hacked the whole thing up. Over the next few days I cut all the squares into strips and re-pieced the entire quilt top; using the blue fabric to make new half-square rectangle blocks. I then rotated each block within the rows and incorporated a black sashing to separate them. Finally I added a white border to make the whole thing pop.

Then it sat in my "UFO" ("unfinished objects") drawer for a year and a half!

Then yesterday - sick of all my current quilting projects - I decided to finish this one off for good. I really, really wanted to quilt around each individual square but I physically couldn't fit the quilt under the machine! (Birthday hint - long-arm quilting machine ploise!) So I had to settle for some diagonal quilting lines with my walking foot.

There is a tiny bit of bunching up in the middle of the quilt, about a third of the way down from the top, but it's not that noticeable. And I have to say, it looks fantastic on the couch! And she loves it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Half Square Triangles Baby Quilt

I am so glad I've finally finished this project. The patchwork went so swimmingly, and then I had to muck it all up by impulsively deciding to free motion quilt the entire thing, even though I've only attempted free motion ONCE before. I don't think I'll be doing it again!! My thread broke every 5 minutes, I couldn't get the tension right, my stitch lengths are all over the place, and the completed quilt feels very stiff and - I don't know - wobbly?? I'm sure that after it's been used and washed a half dozen times it will start to soften up, but I think this is my last foray into free motion for a while! Back to my comfort zone of straight lines and walking foot from now on!

Anyway, this is for a friend of mine who is due with her second baby any day now. She doesn't know the sex of the baby (very inconsiderate, I think, LOL) so I had to try and make it quite gender-neutral. She's also a sewer so she will definitely appreciate the work that has gone into it!

Oh and I failed to mention that this quilt took me FOUR WEEKS to make, in fits and starts while Miss Two-and-a-half was at preschool and while Master 10 months was down for a nap. Everybody told me crafting with two kids was going to be difficult but darn it, I am determined!! :)

Edited to add: I ended up throwing it in the machine and dryer (thanks to my darling daughter who walked all over it with dirty shoes - my fault for leaving it out!) and it came out really quite soft. I was a bit worried about it being too stiff so very pleased with this!