Friday, November 25, 2011

The scrap quilt of disaster....

m5quilt, originally uploaded by onechan.

..... has now taken up residence on Miss Five's bed, after spending three months banished to the linen closet because I never wanted to see it again.

Amazing how our opinions on our work can become so skewed when we're too close to it. I've found that having some distance is the best remedy for craft self-loathing.

And, best of all, she loves it. :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I did it! I made a new one, just in time...

2011-09-08_playquilt1, originally uploaded by onechan.

Thanks to everyone who posted lovely comments on my previous quilt which I had written off as a disaster. I had a smaller piece of patchwork from last year sitting in my stash which I ended up cutting up and re-piecing with sashing to make this eye-catching, fun play quilt which will now to go the triplets. Still a few places where there's a tiny bit of bunching, but nowhere near the train wreck of the last one.

I was so careful with the basting on this quilt! I taped the backing to the floor, I sprayed, I pinned, AND I hand-basted a big 'X' from corner to corner and then another big '+' in the middle of the quilt. It worked. Phew.

I love it and I'm very pleased to be able to gift something that I'm personally very proud of.

(Oh and he's giving me $100 for it so it's not entirely free!!)




Monday, September 5, 2011

Topic: Another scrap quilt finished, but oy! The puckering!

scrapquilt1, originally uploaded by onechan.

I really set the bar way too high for myself this time. Also, I think I made the mistake of basting and quilting it while fresh out of the worst flu I've ever had.

Result = serious, serious puckering and diagonal shear. Sh^t.

Resisted the urge to collapse in a heap and wail, "I'VE RUINED IT!". Finished it off anyway, bound it, attached a label. It's for a friend who has a friend back home with new triplets. He's not picking it up until Friday so I'm tempted to try and whip something else up in the meantime and really make sure I baste this one properly. I don't know what went wrong - I always use a combination of spray adhesive and safety pins - but maybe because of the size of the patchwork pieces and the randomness of the design it just didn't have enough stability in the sandwich phase.

Anyway, C&C welcome on the rest of it while I work out what to do next.





Sunday, August 28, 2011

pink dress success!

pinkdress2, originally uploaded by onechan.

OMG I love it! It's not hideous at all! And I can't believe how well it fits her - I used last year's pattern that I drafted from one of her old T-shirts, although I did "grade" it up a bit for this project. Very, very pleased with this one. And yes, she adores it and has worn it for the last two days straight!

A pink dress

pinkdress1, originally uploaded by onechan.

My Miss Five desperately wanted a pink dress. She insisted on this hideous hot-pink cotton jersey at the fabric shop, which I tolerated as long as I was allowed to tone it down with the striped blue trim. I whipped this up in about an hour the other night. I think it looks awful but I know she'll love it.

more undaroos

undies2, originally uploaded by onechan.

Still tweaking the pattern. This one I made without a waistband, just fold-over elastic which I didn't stretch quite enough as I was sewing it, so they're a little loose around my middle (the lycra really is the best way to do the waistband). This pair is upcycled from a hideous top I bought at the summer hill anglicare depot last year. Also don't look too closely at the stitching on the right leg where my bobbin decided to chuck a spaz!

home-made knickers!

undies1, originally uploaded by onechan.

So easy and the comfort factor is out of this world! This pair is upcycled from a coupla old T-shirts, black lycra for the waistband and fold-over elastic I had left over from making nappies.

more T-shirt scarves

scarf2, originally uploaded by onechan.

This one I made out of an old khaki-green singlet. The fabric was more of a ribbed knit rather than the smooth texture of T-shirt cotton so it didn't stretch as much but I really like the result!

T-shirt spaghetti scarves

scarf1, originally uploaded by onechan.

Just made my first one! So easy! Hooked!


carsquiltfinished, originally uploaded by onechan.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Scrap quilt take #2

2011-03-15_hannahquilt, originally uploaded by onechan.

This is the quilt I made back in November and hated it. Now that it's getting colder at night, yesterday I dusted it off and put it on Miss Four's bed. Looks pretty good huh?