Sunday, August 28, 2011

pink dress success!

pinkdress2, originally uploaded by onechan.

OMG I love it! It's not hideous at all! And I can't believe how well it fits her - I used last year's pattern that I drafted from one of her old T-shirts, although I did "grade" it up a bit for this project. Very, very pleased with this one. And yes, she adores it and has worn it for the last two days straight!

A pink dress

pinkdress1, originally uploaded by onechan.

My Miss Five desperately wanted a pink dress. She insisted on this hideous hot-pink cotton jersey at the fabric shop, which I tolerated as long as I was allowed to tone it down with the striped blue trim. I whipped this up in about an hour the other night. I think it looks awful but I know she'll love it.

more undaroos

undies2, originally uploaded by onechan.

Still tweaking the pattern. This one I made without a waistband, just fold-over elastic which I didn't stretch quite enough as I was sewing it, so they're a little loose around my middle (the lycra really is the best way to do the waistband). This pair is upcycled from a hideous top I bought at the summer hill anglicare depot last year. Also don't look too closely at the stitching on the right leg where my bobbin decided to chuck a spaz!

home-made knickers!

undies1, originally uploaded by onechan.

So easy and the comfort factor is out of this world! This pair is upcycled from a coupla old T-shirts, black lycra for the waistband and fold-over elastic I had left over from making nappies.

more T-shirt scarves

scarf2, originally uploaded by onechan.

This one I made out of an old khaki-green singlet. The fabric was more of a ribbed knit rather than the smooth texture of T-shirt cotton so it didn't stretch as much but I really like the result!

T-shirt spaghetti scarves

scarf1, originally uploaded by onechan.

Just made my first one! So easy! Hooked!


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